Are you stuck in an Emotional Divorce?

February 20, 2018 /

Image result for emotional divorceAn emotional divorce is when you and your spouse have gone through some of the motions of a divorced couple, such as sleeping in different rooms or not spending quality time together, but you’re still married and living under the same roof. While this may seem like the best way to secure your finances or protect your children from the horrors of divorce, you should know it’s most likely more confusing for them and for you and your partner as well. If this sounds like a situation you’ve gotten yourself into, listen up because we want to tell you why it’s time to come to mediation and dissolve the marriage.

  • You’ll avoid blurred lines. A common question for couples in this situation is whether or not they can engage in external romantic relationships. For one spouse, the idea might seem acceptable because the couple is no longer in a romantic relationship themselves, but for the other it might feel uncomfortable and as if there is infidelity taking place. If one of you moves out of the marital home then there’s an essence of privacy for each of your individual lives outside the immediate family and to no longer feel as if you're hurting the other one or being hurt yourself.

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  • Keeping your children healthy & happy. What kind of role model are you setting for your children if the communication between you and your spouse is angry and hostile, or even non-existent? To keep your children mentally healthy, it’s important that you two separate so there can be a chance for healthy communication between you two. You might be scared thinking that your children will be forever negatively affected by your divorce but as a child of divorce myself I can say that my relationship with my parents was never as strong as it is now that they live apart from each other.
  • You’ll be able to find happiness yourself. Think about you and your spouse living separate lives. Do you see yourself as suffering or happier now that you’ve moved on to the next chapter of your life? Grieving the loss of a marriage is normal, but you will recover, survive, and be successful in your life without being married to them. Your children will continue to love you and you will continue to love them. You might find love in another person, or maybe in a new career or hobby. You will be okay.

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Don’t allow the fears of emotional suffering prevent you from living your best life. If you’re stuck in an emotional divorce, your best life can’t happen. Think about separation and do it through mediation to make sure that everyone can cope positively. Divorce could save your marriage.

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