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Divorcing a police officer

COURAGE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.                                                                            Police officers, fire fighters and the many other professions known as FIRST RESPONDERS have...

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Marriage Takes Two, Divorcing Should Too

It takes two to get married , but if the unfortunate should evolve then it also takes two to get divorced and always, it should take two to mediate the process.

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The Therapist's Corner

The Counseling Cooperative in lovely downtown Rockville Centre is currently looking for psychotherapists and mental health professionals that are looking to expand their practice, develop their...


When choosing someone to mediate your divorce, it's important to know that you are getting the right mediator and not just anybody, but how do you know?

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For Valentine's Day, give the gift of a better relationship

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Marital Expectations

MARITAL EXPECTATIONS, this is an area that we as divorce mediators see a lot of, as well as in couple’s work.   Where did expectations come from?   One answer is based on IMAGO theory, where we...

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Traditional Italian Families

Spending time talking to parents in Traditional Italian families I have come to see the similarities within the men of the household and them as fathers. Traditionally Italian households have been...

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Relationships Italian Style

La Dolce Relazioni Giornale - Sweet Relationships Italian Style

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Children AND Divorce

As divorce mediators and family therapist who work with many families separating, their biggest challenge besides the finances are the children.

It’s very important to note that many of the...

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Communicating With your spouse

Better Communication takes Skill but not Impossible, the rewards are well worth it.

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