Being Friends with Your Partner

March 29, 2018 /

33029641784_633cf077ac_zThink about your best friend – what makes that friendship last? Is it the jokes you share? The adventures you go on? The long phone calls where you catch up even though you spoke just 2 days before? Is it all of it? The thing that keeps the two of you by each other’s sides through any struggles, arguments, heartbreaks, and losses is the bond of friendship you share. Now, why should your relationship be any different? People overlook how important being friends with your partner is for your relationship to succeed.

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What draws you to your partner? Is it solely the way they look or the things they buy you? Or do they provide you comfort, security, and a warm shoulder to lean on when you need it? It’s important to remember that your partner needs to be your friend – they should be your support system, your rock, and your go-to. Even when the thing that’s bothering you is them; you should feel comfortable expressing your concerns and feelings to them the same way you would confide in your best friend. When your best friend does something that upsets you and you talk to them about it are you afraid they’re going to get upset and not want to be your friend anymore? Of course not. They care about you and they love you and wouldn’t want to know that you’re walking around upset because they did something you didn’t like and you were too scared to talk to them about it. That same security you feel around your best friend should be the way you feel around your partner.


Take the step to strengthen your friendship with your partner – go on a random adventure, have a slumber party and stay up all night, gossip on the phone the nights you don’t spend together, and take lots of silly pictures together. Treat them well. Don’t take advantage of them just because they love you. Take a moment to think about how lucky you are to have such a great person in your life that will stand by your side when you need them. Be their friend.

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