Best Behavior or Binding Behavior, what's the truth?

by Dana Greco /
March 23, 2020 /

Are you practicing a Binding Behavior?
We are all living in a time of UNCERTAINTY. This gives us the time to reflect and serve ourselves and others. How are we all BEHAVING with our partners and loved ones?Image result for images of good behavior

BINDING BEHAVIORS are behaviors that keep us from being who we want to be and how we want to be heard and understood by others. There are basically four. Which ones are you practicing on a regular basis? Is this how you show up? And If you can change these behaviors do you think others in your circle would respond better toward you? It’s your choice. Hope this helps.

  1. COMPLAINING: This is a behavior that is an expression of annoyance. The destruction is that complaining has no plan to resolve it. Without an action to resolve it, complaining serves no purpose.
  2. BLAME Others: They now have power over you which relinquishes your own sense of self. Blaming others puts you in a victim role. BLAMING yourself, hyper-focuses you to be the victim and the perpetrator. Creating a false sense of entitlement and power while experiencing self-disapproval.
  3. JUSTIFY: Rationalizing and making excuses that you feel should be accepted as valid. Therefore, arguing to your own limitation. This diminishes your credibility.
  4. AVOID: Misleading others by avoiding. The act of avoidance is merely choosing not to deal with the issue. Truth is, the issue persists no matter what.



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