by Dana Greco /
February 11, 2019 /

When choosing someone to mediate your divorce, divorce mediation choosing the right mediatorit's important to know that you are getting the right mediator and not just anybody, but how do you know?

You could ask the mediation rate and their prices.  That's one way to determine who to choose, but does that really tell you if they are a good mediator or if they are the right mediator for you?

You could also ask how long they have been doing mediation and if they are doing it for a number of years, then that would give you some clues.

Many divorcing couples chose mediation for its affordability, this is smart. The average cost for a court case using attorneys is approximately $60,000 and two years battling.  We hear stories of litigated divorces taking multiple years and more than $100,000 and the reason is because they believe they are protecting their assets, but they just took $100,000 out of the pockets of their family.  Is that protection?

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  You also know Mediation is the most amicable and family safe approach.  Mediation with the right professional is less than one lawyers retainer’s fee.  Great news! Isn’t it important to keep the money in your pocket for you and your children?  Mediators will work hard to accomplish this.

However, the inexperienced mediator, without the financial certificates, or therapeutic licenses can and will miss vital information, both financial and emotional.  Your two most precious components during divorce.   The right questions fail to be asked, the missed detail will effect the outcome down the road, long after the legal documents are signed and notarized.

What about the family dynamic?  Without the therapeutic component handled by an experienced divorce coach, horrible things happen, significant others badly handled in front of the children, parent alienation, which can go unnoticed until years later and it’s too late, poor co-parenting in two households fuels frustration and damage childhoods.

So, before you hire a mediator make sure they have all the credentials, certificates, and experience, that they have mediated many, many, cases because that’s how you measure expertise. This decision is one of the biggest ones you make and you need to be in the right hands.

In our practice you have 2 professionals, a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) and a Licensed Clinical Social worker, family specialist.  We are authors, and hold workshops on a regular bases educating couples and professionals on this topic.

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Together we have 20 years of cases and experience. Together as your team leaders we will prepare all of you to stabilize your present life situation and your future life situation.  Trust may have been broken in your marriage, trust will be restored with the Mediation and Family Counseling Group.

So when choosing a mediator to handle what could be the most challenging events in your life, choose a group that can handle your case in the best possible way.    Our cases are handled in a very efficient manner with the most amount of care to help bring your family the financial expertise required and the emotional component to help you negotiate the deal that is best for the family.


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