Divorcing a police officer

by Dana Greco /
September 10, 2019 /

COURAGE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.                                                                            divorcing police officer and preserving the children
Police officers, fire fighters and the many other professions known as FIRST RESPONDERS have a very high rate of divorce. 70%. This blog refers to divorcing the spouse who is in this profession. marriage is a challenge for families who have a spouse who is a First Responder. The "Magic Chair" refers to the behavior of the spouse when they are off duty. Often times the complaint from the civilian spouse is this, " when he gets home from his tour, he never wants to do anything with the family."
This can cause disconnect and disappointment in the family and erode the marriage to the point of loss of intimacy, frustration and emotional battle.
daily, or way too frequently that the marriage may not be able to be saved.
We suggest marriage counseling. Our counselor has be trained to work with first reponders and their families.
If marriage counseling has not been able to resolve then the other option is to dissolve. Sadly, if this is in the best interest of everyone.
The outcome for divorce can restructure the family in a way that can preserve the emotional loss of the marriage but gain an existence where all family members can remain intact and amicable. Only mediation can do that, and only with a mediator and a family divorce coach.  Our team has both.



If the couple decide that divorce is the best option, you may have many questions about the settlement. Parenting plans can be altered based on the First Responders schedule, where as many change week to week. This parenting time for the one on tour is very important to draft and the more communicative both parties are, which our team works on with you, the better for the children. Flexibility is the key to this particular line of work when it comes to divorcing and dividing up two households.


Many police offers, fire fighters, first responders who put their lives on the line every time they leave their home, can feel protective of their pension. One police offers may feel they risked their lives for their security after retirement, whereas the parent who DOES feel they are owed a portion of the spouse's pension due to being home and fearing the risk of their spouse while on patrol. This debate is common and can cause much tension. Our team is experienced in the debate, and because you have come to mediation, together we devise a fair settlement both of you will feel is fair. Every case is unique and every family is
personally catered to by us.

Let Us Make Mediation Work for You and Your civil service family.

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