by Dana Greco /
July 09, 2020 /

What is it, when it’s been said, opposites attract?  Well, it means, that the dominant personality in us is attracted to the dominant personality of our partner, however these personality traits are opposite as they mask the vulnerable part of our personality which we try to protect.  We are drawn to our partner because they exhibit a trait that we find in ourselves uncomfortable to expose.

Intimacy Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockYou can say we, at certain times we live vicariously through our partner’s dominant personality.
Unfortunately in time. this dominant personality begins to be unattractive to us. These traits strike a cord in us because it triggers our inner personality that has been protected.

When we describe intimacy, the best way to really interpret true intimacy is being so vulnerable with your partner, so exposed that they can slice you in half with their words or behavior, saying something or doing something they know will hurt us, but TRUSTING that they will not do such a thing.

In a conflict, a fight or betrayal this intimacy is lost, trust is broken. In order to get back to a safe relationship, this trust and intimacy must be restored.

So if FIREWORKS are blasting off in your home, you may want to come in and talk about it.


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