How has Your Family been Impacted?

by Dana Greco /
March 31, 2020 /

How Have Families been IMPACTED?

There are no concrete studies yet as to how the American Family has been effected by the “Shelter in Place” order. So, we did some research on our own and asked the families that were available to talk to us. Here’s what’s been told to us so far.

The most recent complaint has been for the students who have had to return home and finish their college work online. Many students were experiencing semi-independent lives but have now moved back into their old bedrooms. The mood in the home has been one of disappointment and hostility. Unfortunately, for both parents and students who were making the transition of the child moving away, and now abruptly returning, and not happy about the conditions. These students like many teenagers are homebound and not adapting well to say the least. Some are being creative and having Virtual parties or Netflix parties on Google Chrome.Sparklight® Offers Low Cost Internet to Assist Families in Need ...

We also heard from those people who are more homebody types and introverts, This has not been as difficult for them, since they are happy to be at home and attend to projects at home, for them, they, no longer feel pressure of being out and socialize.

Some parents have expressed the relief of slowing down from numerous afterschool activities and are happy to spend the time with their children and NOT drag them to soccer, or hockey or dance. And the report is, their kids seem to be fine and less stressed. They now have used this time to teach them how to cook, bake, play actual board games and walk the family dog together. Some say they don’t look forward to the hectic life they use to live. One stated, “the hectic mornings and evenings were detrimental to our family and we are now functioning in a way, families use to, when I grew up in the 60’s”. “Family breakfasts and dinners, and now lunches and long conversations”.

One couple said they were on the brink of divorce because they were so disconnected, working out of the home, commuting, getting home and feeling exhausted, but now they have reconnected! Despite the scare of the virus, they see this as a blessing, as, long as we can remain healthy, we can have our romantic relationship back. They said they were very excited about finding each other again. They work from now together and now fit in a mid-day “afternoon delight”.

We had our colleague who works with kids find out more. The report was that although younger children miss spending time with their friends, they don’t feel too bad about it, since they know they will see them again soon. In the meantime, they have been playing with their siblings and they like that mom and dad are home. Some kids who are living with one parent feel happy to have the time together, some with divorced parents still see their other parent on their regular scheduled parent time.

We were grateful for the feedback from many families, however,
not all families have had such a positive experience and for those families there is support and ideas from us to share. I am writing this, I just got a text from a disgruntled wife. I’ll have to investigate and get back to my report. In the meantime, stay healthy.


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