How to Win Child Custody Mediation

August 12, 2019 /

Parents need to do what’s best for their kids during a divorce.  One of the biggest hurdles in a divorce case is child custody.  However, by doing what is best for your children.  Also, in mediation, it is not a win-lose.  It is either win-win or lose-lose. Use the following tips and learn how to win child custody mediation.

How to Win Child Custody Mediation

By following these child custody mediation tips, you can be one step closer to full custody.  

For anyone experiencing a divorce, it is never easy, let alone when child custody is involved.  Yet it can be especially more difficult for children involved in a custody dispute.

The American Psychological Association, states that 90% of the U.S. population will marry. Sadly, however, 40 to 50% of those marriages will end in divorce.

Numerous court systems in the United States, along with family advocates firmly support and promote the use of mediation in divorces, especially ones that involve children and the issue of child custody. There is considerable evidence that mediation benefits divorcing couples with families in conflict

Do you want to know how adequate and mediation can help you win your child custody case? Follow these tips on child custody mediation tips below to help you make this difficult situation easier for all parties involved, most importantly the children.

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How Child Custody Mediation Works

Child custody mediation is a process when both parents work together to cultivate a plan for parenting their children after divorce with the assistance of an impartial 3rd party.  The child custody mediation parenting plan should be mutually acceptable to both parents, and one that has best intentions for your family.

Child Custody Mediation Tips

Most children that come from broken marriages can adjust well to their new family dynamics after two years, with support and guidance.  Yet studies, research and further examination on the topic also shows that children tend to have more problems after a divorce if their parents remain in conflict.

Mediation programs can help develop and nurture healthy family relationships after the divorce.

Here are tips on child custody mediation that can help everyone win.

1)  Keep Your Emotions in Check

Going through a divorce is hard and stressful and can bring out all sorts of hard emotions to go through.  Despite the best circumstances, there will be the time that you must address and deal with distasteful feelings. However, mediation will not be the time to discuss the problems you and your spouse may have had during the marriage.

The most important thing you should do now is focus on effectively moving forward together as parents.

It is crucial that your children do not bear the burden of your divorce. Both parties must commit to what’s best for the kids’ period.  There should be no reason or room to harbor resentment against each other.

During the mediation process, your mediator will not want to hear or discuss your dirty laundry.  Also, since they must remain unbiased, throwing stones will not gain you any points. As a matter of fact, it could possibly cause you to lose their favor.

The best thing to do for all parties involved during this trying time is to keep your emotions out of it when you negotiate your childrens’ custody terms.

The mediator needs to know you won’t let your emotions impact your child’s relationship with your ex. Show that you can be mature and put the past behind you.

2)  Make Sure to Listen to Your Children

Your children need to have a voice in divorce negotiations.  Despite the fact, you may be enticed to concentrate on what you want; however, it is very important that you consider what your child wants and needs.

It’s proven that children profit from close contact with both of their parents. Nonetheless, when children are caught up in conflict, it considerably decreases those benefits.

Going forward and during your mediation it’s important to remember who and what matters most and adhere to what’s best for your children.

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3)  Don’t Go it Alone

Before you reject or dismiss the idea of shared parenting, think twice. You can regret it if you make a decision of this nature out of animosity.

Single parent life is not at all easy.  You will get exhausted or may need breaks.  Plus, believe it or not, there will be moments that you will wish for a night off.

During the mediation process, you should seek shared parenting time.  Mediation can help you create and achieve an effective parenting plan that will do what is best for your family.

4)  A Good Parent May not Always be a Good Spouse

It can be likely that your former spouse wasn’t the best partner for you while married.  Yet, it is also possible your ex can still be an exceptional parent.

It is very important that you do not let your opinion of your ex-partner as a spouse determine or cloud your judgement about them and their parenting skills.

5)  Try to Remember that it is Quality Over Quantity

Experts in divorce agree that quality over quantity is what absolutely matters with parenting time and the time you spent with your kids.

Research and studies now show that when you, the non-custodial parent, generate resources to maintain and encourage support of your child and the custodial parent, it can be much for helpful than if you spent more time with your child.

Moreover, parents who spend quality time with their children, despite the fact if it is not through daily or weekly contact, can still acquire close and positive relationships.

6)  Keep an Open Mind to New Ways of Life

Divorcing parents and their children can gain if they welcome and accept things the way they are and grasp their new life together.

Though you may suppress distressing feelings toward your child’s other parent, you can be amazed how much it helps to crush those feelings and try your hardest to make the best of the situation, for the sake of your children.

For instance, maybe shared holidays always caused tension and conflicts between you and the other parent. Yet now you may find including them in the holiday schedule can calm tensions and make your child feel more safe and secure.

You must be open to new ways of doing things, and effective co-parenting, even though it may not be what you initially had in mind. Flexibility will go a long way to help everyone cope with the difficulties of divorce, and your mediation process.

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