improve your marriage...  is it possible?

January 11, 2018 /

Improve your marriageCan you improve your marriage?  Is this a possibility? Are there things happening today in your marriage that seem to happen over and over again and you are in this never ending cycle of negativity.

We had clients that would have arguments on a daily basis. However, every time she got angry and lashed out at him, he got pushed away and did not want to deal with the anger and the frustration.  He felt it was easier to just not talk.  He started coming home late from work and when he came home, he would immediately retreat to his man cave.

It got to the point where they just didn't talk to each other anymore.

They both were pulling away from each other and building this wall between them, brick by brick.

After a period of time, she wanted to make changes and make some improvements, but her husband was too far gone.  He was not willing to make any changes.  

She didn't know what to do, so she called us and got started on the "Marital Bliss Blueprint".  Unfortunately her husband would not be involved in the sessions.  However, we were able to coach Nancy on what to do to make improvements.  She had to start building the relationship back up and needed to start building this bridge without him.

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The first thing we had to work on with Nancy is her expectations and acceptance of where things were at and acceptance of what work needed to be done and an understanding that she would have to start first.

There are no guarantees, but there’s always the possibility that things can improve if you set out to do the necessary work to make these improvements.

After working with Nancy for about a month, we then coached her on how to approach her husband. Initially he was skeptical and did not have a lot of trust in the process or the result.  He had lost hope, but after some time she was able to convince him that she was dedicated to the process of making things better and was willing to prove it.

Jerry saw immediate results, bu twas still skeptical, but after time and time again of Nancy proving her ability to change, he started to come around and then was open to making changes himself. 

After working with this couple for 3 months, they were in a much better place and ready to start working on getting the passion and excitement back into their relationship.

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