it's ok to use the f-word

by Dana Greco /
March 23, 2020 /


We are in UNCERTAIN times, and stress and too much unknown puts us in a vulnerable position. Kids at home no playdates, mom and dad navigating their daily routine, working from home and managing the children’s school responsibilities. This UNCERTAINTY topped with new routines, too much change at once. Fractured relationships now remain under the same roof, quarantined. There’s not enough NETFLIX or Paper goods to hold us all together. Thinking about it, drudges up the emotion of FEAR.

However, the best F word is not FEAR but FAITH. Image result for images of the f wordFAITH is what we need to go on.

BUT FEAR is our first response, due to our 2million year old brain, that FEAR is what kept us alive and our species evolving, without FEAR we are not driven to survive. This Covid-19 may be the wild boar our ancestors hunted and feared in our early existence. FAITH is what kept us fighting and surviving. FAITH will get us through this
as well.

FAITH is not learned it is innate. It is what fuels us through these times of UNCERTANTY and fear.

Use FAITH to restore what is pressing for you. Take this time to reflect and make good choices, so that WHEN this passes, and it will, you have come to a new understanding and a renewed place in your heart. Make the changes you have been putting off. Take stock in forging a new life for yourself, and others that you love and care about.

Reach out to those who will support you in this next phase and personal journey.

WE are here. We are your SUPPORT
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