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March 26, 2020 /


AS we adjust to this temporary normalcy, clients have reached out with concerns about alienation, as they who live out of the family home still want to maintain parent time, perhaps even family time. Clients who are out of work or losing their income worry about paying their child support. Retirement funds and 401Ks are plummeting during the time of divorce. One or both spouses were counting on them to live off of or use to start over. Homes that were to be placed on the market or are currently on the market are not selling, nor closing due to offices and management companies closed for business. Spousal maintenance, although not mandated like child support, reduced or eliminated can place that recipient and the children in a vulnerable or impoverished situation.Image result for images making a decision with a professional animated

The Mediation and Family Counseling Group is open and equipped to answer any of your questions and listen to your concerns. The above are only a few examples. However, what makes our practice unique and valuable, and a service to answer all of your needs is the fact that under one roof we have a certified divorce financial advisor, a licensed family and couples psychotherapist and specialist in trauma, a divorce coach, certified divorce mediator, and notary. Sounds like a big staff with a lot of fees? Actually, it’s not. Dana and Don are two professionals who are skilled and trained to serve you with these credentials and many years of experience.  We have been offering counseling, budgeting finances, advising on co-parenting disputes to hundreds of families throughout the New York area, which is quite diverse. Which gives us the experience to be experts in our practice.

And what you may not know is, even though we counsel for divorce, we counsel for marital resolve. So, whatever your choice is for your self-preservation we are ready to meet with you and discuss all of your options.


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If you are in the process of divorcing or are thinking about divorce, we can help you prepare emotionally and financially through the process with our Certified Divorce Coach or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.


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