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MARRIAGE STORY, the newest NETFLIX movie is now being watched by many adults, divorced, single, married couples.  MARRIAGE STORY depicts a relationship that eroded over time. There are two major tragedies that happen, besides the loyalty-bind the child struggles with, torn between two divorcing parents he happens to love more than anyone in his world.

First Scenario: During the initial mediation session at the beginning of the film, the mediator asked that they each write down, then read, their positive thoughts and observations about their partner, sadly this was not followed through in the session. And that was the end of that!  Had they both shared their thoughts and feelings, the likelihood of a divorce may have been paused, and would have never gotten as ugly as it did, nor end up in the hands of the court.

Speaking of court…Second Scenario: What made this process of divorce worse for the family, was the intrusion of the court system, the derailing of family protection and the heartless scheming, between the two attorneys who really had their own best interests in mind, more so then their client’s.
The wife, Nicole and the husband Charlie’s plight is clear, and understood, the sad conclusion is that they weren’t given the tools or the space to communicate their wants and needs. There goes the destruction toward The Bitter End.
 WE, The Mediation and Family Counseling Group is founded on the premise that Marriages may end but Families are forever, and this can only happen with mediation and counseling throughout the entire process, not just the first session. We believe that whether a couple wants to Resolve or Dissolve, the process must be handled with care, and no family is a cookie cut out. Unfortunately, in many courts there’s too little time and way too much money spent, to consider the family and their value.
The Mediation and Family Counseling Group follows through, with  a certified  divorce financial expert and a licensed family therapist in every session. To insure both parties are heard, listened to and treated fairly.

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