Marriage Takes Two, Divorcing Should Too

by Dana Greco /
April 17, 2019 /

It takes two to get married , but if the unfortunate Marriage Takes Two, Divorce Should Tooshould evolve then it also takes two to get divorced and always, it should take two to mediate the process.

The decision to divorce is a difficult one, for most couples. Taking years of marital assets, dividing up marital liabilities,  sorting through marital memories,  coordinating  parenting time , and all the  accumulated responsibilities that have been the bases of your household operation must be accounted for.

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Dissolving a marriage is regarding multiple peoples’ lives that need to be unraveled and rewoven into a new order  and operation recreating two fully functional households.

It takes planning, it takes an empathetic support, it takes professionalism with life  and business experience , it takes a financial expert, it takes two.

The benefit of two professionals means one takes the emotional component of a dissolving household and all its components such as the emotional well being of the children, and the care of the two spouses as everyone transitions into a new living experience, this mediator is also a skilled counselor and coach with a background of serving families, and couples, and artistically processing for the members the emotional development to the degree that emotional damage and pain is at a minimum and then able to recover unscathed.. The other professional must be a financial expert, carefully and skillfully calculating household budgets, explaining the laws around maintenance, child support, liquid assets, retirement pensions, selling or not selling the marital home, focusing on the concrete and create a financial plan that is in the best interest of all family members.

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This kind of mediation team is rare, because the two that mediate must also have a work ethic and chemistry to compliment each other, When two of the best work together the power of ingenuity serves the family, less stress on the family because when working with highly skilled experts, the family can unburden themselves knowing that they are in the right hands.

It not only takes TWO , it takes the right TWO and we believe all families have the right to the best.

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