Pre-marital counseling will save your Marriage

by Dana Greco /
January 03, 2020 /
Couples who think they should seek counseling before they get married are the smartest and bravest of all couples. Image result for images of happy couples in love
This hesitancy and fear is that one will discover something about their mate that they really don't want to know. Truth is, it will eventually be known, and best to talk about whatever it is, while you are supportive and in love. Yet, the fear is that they may need to end the relationship or that they realize this discovered issue is going to taint their blissful fantasy of love. The really good news is this. knowing those little flaws or back history which may make one seemingly want to run for the hills are actual gems that can strengthen the relationship. If these bits of information or questionable character traits are left undiscovered temporarily they have the potential to reek havoc later on when they are discovered and THEY WILL be discovered, most likely at the worst time of your relationship .
So better to know now when your relationship is about LOVE,COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING because the key to a healthy successful relationship is ACCEPTANCE. Couples survive on accepting each other's flaws and all, right from the start.
Let's just say your buying a used car. (yes the analogy relates to an individual who is used), meaning he or she has  some miles on them. Its ridiculous and naïve to think otherwise. Anyway, looking to shop for a used car means accepting that some parts may be worn or broken in, and the potential buyer needs to be aware of all the possibilities that this car may need servicing which is why bringing the used car that appears to be the perfect fit for the owner should be assessed by a professional, a licensed mechanic. Getting the seal of approval from a mechanic gives confidence in a smart purchase. The mechanic may even suggest a tune up, which makes the car run more efficiently. The mechanic, like the therapist is going to support the purchase, but will be honest about where the work needs to be.  Pre-marital counseling is essential in today's modern marriages, and for a long lasting loving relationship, it's worth the time.

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