Relationships Italian Style

by Dana Greco /
April 29, 2018 /

La Dolce Relazioni Giornale - Sweet Relationships Italian Style

relationships italian style
The Mediation and Family Counseling Group is on a very special trip to Italy.

As Dana makes her way from the northern tip of Italy to the most southern isle of Sicily during the month of May she will be indulging in the regional foods and wines and most importantly meeting couples and families to learn about the culture  and the laws pertaining to marriage and divorce different from the US.
For example: Fact 1.

Alimony has recently been denied in Italy. A woman was denied financial support from her ex-husband due to a "shopping addiction", while last year, a court in Padua ruled that a man could make his monthly maintenance payments to his wife in the form of pizza

relationships italian style
ci vediamo presto


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