Steps on How to Avoid a Divorce During Separation

December 10, 2019 /

Matches are made in heaven! This is a common saying among people who see a great couple. But what if something is missing, there is no longer a spark, and the two of you are separated? Marriage is a sacred bond, but what if you are having thoughts against it?Steps on How to Avoid a Divorce During Separation

You might wonder whether divorce is the solution or whether you should save your marriage. It could be confusing but think about your spouse and the beautiful early days of your wedding. Think of why you married this person in the first place, and this could be an excellent reminder for giving your marriage another chance.

Read on for finding Steps on How to Avoid a Divorce During Separation.

Here are Ten Things that You Can Do to Try to Stop a Divorce and Save Your Marriage if You Find Yourself Separated.


1.Think About Your Marriage and Your Spouse

Be mindful of what you are saying to your spouse. When the two of you fight, it could be a tough situation as there would be a negative discussion. The two of you would present each other in the most unlikely manner. You would discuss hurtful things your words could become poison and cruel.

But, when you are separated and know well that you might be heading to divorce soon, help each other! Give your marriage and your spouse another chance. You never know if it can change your life. There could be misunderstandings between you. You should know that in a relationship, communication is the key. Find out if there is a communication gap between you and your spouse. If that is the case, write down all the points and think about your marriage. Evaluate where you stand in your life and what impact divorce is going to bring. An analysis of how your life is now versus how it would be after divorce can give you a picture of how you are going to manage life from now on. If there are kids involved, think about them and their future.

2. See Things Differently and Save Your Marriage

There is a possibility that your point of view could be entirely different from your spouse. That is why you should give your marriage chance by seeing things from his or her point of view. It is essential to understand that you and your spouse are different people. Your spouse could have been raised differently and, thus, have a different perspective on life.

Try to find common ground. When the two of you are separated, you have the time to reflect on what happened in the past. Who was at fault, and why there is so much bitterness between the two of you? What made you feel hopeless or numb? It is crucial to get in touch with how you think and then evaluate the situation from the perspective of your spouse.

Try to understand the psychology of men and women. Your way of thinking and perceiving things could be different and knowing a new point of view could be quite interesting.


3. Consider Making Positive Changes

It would be wise to change your attitude and behavior, especially if you are the one who is at fault. For example, you might be spending too much time with your friends and neglecting your spouse! Make sure you give your spouse more time. It is sometimes difficult to accept that you could be the one at fault, which is why you should try to get a neutral opinion. Try to find out what other people think about you and your spouse. What others say behind your back doesnt matter, but if you hear a repeated complaint—for example, one of you is not supporting the otheryou should consider giving this matter some attention.

You could be a person who likes being busy and could be working late at the office. You must prioritize your spouse! Remember, even the little things count. For example, if you must stay in the office longer than usual hours, it would be a good idea to call your spouse and discuss the situation. It is essential to remind yourself and your spouse of your love for one another.  But not everyone speaks the same love language, which is why letting your spouse know what makes you sad or happy is very important. Dont expect each other to be mind readers. There could be a variety of situations which might demand a change of attitude or behavior from you or your spouse. It would be useful if you were willing to change and work for the betterment of the relationship.

4. Find Your Inner Happiness

Sometimes it is not the other person but you who is feeling an absolute void. It is crucial that you find inner peace and happiness. Think about this: if you are not happy with your life, how do you expect to make your spouse happy? Well, there is a possibility that the two of you might not have the same life goals.

To be happy as a couple, you must be satisfied as an individual too! Find what makes you happy. If your spouse doesnt approve of what makes you happy, find out why! Ask for an explanation. For example, if you want to study further after marriage and your spouse isnt interested, it would be best to ask the reason. Your spouse could be expecting to increase the family and have kids! It is essential to find the root cause of what is bothering your spouse.

5. Is Divorce the Only Solution

Sometimes life leaves you in a situation where you feel like you are at a place so far off that going back is impossible. But marriage is a sacred bond, and it requires your utmost effort to keep it intact. It is easy to get married but staying married is a real challenge.

You might think that divorce is the only solution to getting out of an unhappy relationship. However, while you are separated, think of all the possible solutions to all the issues you face. Couples therapy might help!

6. Why You Should Go for Couples Therapy

The couple’s therapist would be an expert and can help you see things differently, especially if the two of you are not able to help each other. Getting help from experts would be a good idea.

Try to find a good therapist, and if you find one, try to discuss the issues that bother you the most. Sometimes a therapist can be of great help and can play a vital role in making your relationship better.

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7. Marriage Counseling and Bringing Back the Spark

The two of you can plan for marriage counseling, but while you are separated, try to be connected. It is crucial to be a part of someones present life. When you are separated, you become angry, and you might try to make the person a thing of the past. Remember, your marriage is not a thing of the past, especially when the sacred marriage bond is still intact.

Life is full of surprises. You never know what can bring back the spark and joy in your life. It is about giving the life you had while living together another chance. While you are separated, you get an idea of how your life would be as an individual. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you want it to be the same as now or different when together.

8. Grow Together in All Ways

The two of you should grow together! You might have married when you were very young and have spent a decade together; basically, you have grown together over the years. Or, you might just be married for a few months, and there is still a lot to understand about each other.

Try to enroll in a class that the two of you can go together. Develop healthy habits such as:

  • Read a book together and discuss it.
  • Watch a show together on an important topic and talk about it.
  • Go to different restaurants for dinner.
  • Plan a vacation and travel together.
  • Find time for each other, even if you are extremely busy.

If you or your spouse has a short temper, make sure you remind each other to be cool. See the bigger picture and make a goal for each other. It would be best to have a common goal, for example, working for a house. As a couple, you can work to create a lovely home that the two of you would own and live together happily ever after.

9. Respect Each Other

Even if you decide on a divorce, always respect each other. When you are angry with a person for whatever reason, you might lose respect. You can say things that you might regret later. Words can bleed a heart. Words can mend and heal a broken heart. Be mindful of the choice of your words!

Your words should show respect. Every single word that you utter in a sentence should be full of honor, and in fact, it is a great way to win hearts. If you had been bitter in the past, make it a thing of the past and no longer talk ill behind your spouse's back. You should respect everyone! This is how you can win respect in the eyes of other people.

10. Give Your Spouse Some Space

You or your spouse could be a very dominating person trying to control lives. This is not how it works. You are living in a globalized era. It is easy to cheat and betray a person. When you choose a person to become your life partner, you should be committed. If you are not sure of your character, you shouldnt marry the person you might end up hurting. Never cheat or betray someone you love. Even the thought of it shouldnt cross your mind. While you are separated, you should give some space to your spouse, but dont feel tempted with any opportunity that can instantly break your marriage. What you do today has a significant impact on your life tomorrow!

By giving space, it means that you should not dictate how to live your life to your spouse. Each of you is a responsible adult. You cannot control what other people think, how they behave, whether they remain loyal or not. Everyone is raised differently, and thus, how they spend their life could be a cultural shock for you. If it is a positive lifestyle, try to follow, but if it is negative, try to bring a positive change through your kind words and manners. There is no harm in trying.


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Keep in mind, that no one really wants a divorce at any time.  Most people desire satisfying and tenable relationships with people that understand and care about us. To avoid a divorce while separated from your spouse, it will take hard work, perseverance and most importantly patience.  There will be times when both of you may have to swallow your pride and just accept things as they are and move forward without pointing the finger and blaming one another.  It is vital for you both to focus on what is currently happening and what can happen.  If you both stay proactive there is a higher chance of saving your marriage and avoiding divorce all together.

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