The Recipe: Coexisting in Healthy Relationships

by Dana Greco /
January 30, 2018 /

They say “you don’t chose who to love, only how to”. “If you can’t face the person in the mirror how is one expected to love another”. Relationships span over several forms. If you do not love your self how is one expected to love another?

Image result for old couple in loveFriends share the same bond lovers do yet we cannot afford to confuse the two. Are you in a healthy relationship? Do those relationships include foundations required to reap a meaningful, deep, and healthy coexistence? In the realm of connection, specifically the connection shared between two humans, we mustn’t forget the role as well as the importance contributed simply through communication. Are we mindful, honest, and moral when we practice the art of communication? Essentially, thats what it boils down to. Communication is an art, a skill, and through its practices yield relationships. Relationships are another art. We must practice sound communication in order to achieve equal connection. Connection that yields respect, mindfulness, and understanding. Are we mindful of our significant others? Do we understand their positions or hardships? Do we accept the reflection in the mirror? Do we accept our flaws? If so, can we accept our partners flaws? 

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Respect, trust, and faith. These practices must be developed early on through the course of a relationship. Marriages spanning over the course of decades, healthy marriages, have adopted these practices all the way back from the beginning. They come hand in hand over the phases and obstacles loved ones face together and only through these principles and foundations have they succeeded. We must choose our battles. At the end of the day, ask yourself this: if, respect, trust, and faith are applied to a deep, healthy, and meaningful relationship, where did I (we) go wrong?

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