Wait to End Your Marriage: Take These Steps to Avoid a Divorce

October 15, 2018 /

Wait to End Your Marriage: Take These Steps to Avoid a Divorce

steps to avoid a divorceIn the United States among 40-50 percent of marriages will end in divorce. However, it turns out that divorce rates are actually falling, not rising, according to data released. Perhaps it is due to the excellent marriage counseling services out there. More couples are seeking the help of a third party before things take a downward spiral. Because of professional intervention, relationships are being rebuild, so divorce does not end up a reality.

If your marriage has hit a rough patch, confronting the issues now could alter the state of your marriage, and save it from devastation in the future. In case you or your spouse need convincing, here are five ways in which marriage counseling can bringcouples possibly back to together and avoid a divorce.


  1. Home is the Safe Environment for Honesty

    In the boundaries of your home, often the benchmark for a marriage, being doubtlessly candid about your feelings with your spouse isn’t always easy nor straightforward. Harsh honesty can cause anger, confrontation, and serious pain, if it is not conveyed the right setting. This is one of the top reasons why couples choose marriage counseling; there is safety in numbers for truthful dialogue.

    Counseling offers a safe atmosphereat which pointno one is ever judged. Only by being forthright with one another will you be able to move past your issue. Being blunt about your deepest feelingsmay not always be simple when it’s just the two of you.

  2. Both Parties Get Impartial Advice

    Some of the best marriage counselors over the years have dealt with a wide range of marital issues. After giving you and your partner the convenience to talk freely. An accomplished counselor will work on ways to boost communication. When talking alone isn’t enough, the first-rate professionals go one step further.

    Using a combination of candid reasoning and a wide range of experience, counselors provide various snippets of advice arranged to improve relationships. They will offer useful tips on how to work on the problem areas of a marriage, but it will be up to the couple to put use those tips at home. Since the advice is unprejudiced and examines both points of view, it can be very beneficial to couples.

  3. A Chance to Clear Frustration and Resentment

    A main reason a marriagebreaks down is because feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger canintensify. These emotions areharmful to a relationship, in the course ofpoisoning every aspect of it. Over time, these feelings oftenbuild up, until they eventually start to contaminate every aspect of your life together.

    John Gottman aleading relationship counselor believes there are six relationship issues that anticipate divorce. After observing couples arguing in his lab, he defined one of those issues as “The Four Horsemen.” He used this term to describe the four issues that class breed resentment and adversity. The four horsemen are contempt, criticism, defensiveness,and stonewalling.

  4. A Place to Discuss Infidelity and Rebuild Trust

    Whether you’ve been unfaithful or you’ve come close, the absolute suggestion of infidelity can along destroy a marriage. As time passes by the feelings of betrayal can grow, generally to the point where trust becomes beyond any doubt broken.

    Without prejudice or judgment, marriage counseling deals with infidelity head on. The goal is to get past it, which is why counselors work to bring all into the open. Infidelity ruins trust in a relationship. One step at a time, counselling explores ways to rebuild that trust.


  5. Attachment Bond Building

    Dr Sue Johnson made use of more than 50 years of research into the way humans bond to develop a system of counseling known as Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. This path is based on the acknowledgment that couples’ bond over time and connect in many ways.

    Systematically this approach examines the ways to take control of negative issues such as indifference, and conflict. The basis of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is based on that falling in and out of love does not have to be a conclusive factor in a favorable, long-term marriage.

    Almost any disturbed relationship can be conserved, if both parties in a marriage are open to counseling. Yet it’s a process, and there are no quick fixes. Both parties must be ready to work at things, and to take professional advice when needed.

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