What's the right age to get married?

November 14, 2017 /

Image result for right age to get marriedSo what is the right age to get married?


If you're marrying between 22-25 then it's possible your spouse is a partner from a young age, specifically a high school or college sweetheart. Since you're both young, this gives you a lot of time to start a family and to have a big one if that's what you want. If you have kids before age 25, then when they ship off to college you're still in your early 40s and now have time to start your own lives outside of raising children. You are given the chance to change and grow as a couple. However, young marriages have some downfalls. You might not know yourselves well enough to know what you really want, and your values can change. Additionally, the younger you get married the higher likelihood of divorce we have seen in our studies.


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Marrying between 25-30 seems to be part of the norm nowadays. If you fit into this category it's likely that your partner has similar values to you, that you are able to work through problems maturely. You've had a good amount of time in your life to party and enjoy the single life and now you can settle down with your partner without feeling like an "old married couple" since you're both so young! But, did you know that a woman's earning potential is on average $18,000 LESS if she marries before the age of 30?! We've seen that this has to do with the choice to put her career on hold to take to the home and raise the children, when she could be at work earning an extra buck! 


Ah, 30-35. This is the time frame we recommend for choosing a life partner. By the time you've found yourself in this range, you know what you want and need in a romantic partner and the relationship that follows. You're more likely to pick a good lifetime partner and to have yourself in a solid career and able to get by on your own, which helps to make sure that money and other types of issues come up less often than if only one partner had a stable job. Also, a woman who marries after 30 is less than 10% likely to get divorced! And while the chance of conceiving is lower by the time you reach the high end of the scale (35), it's still very possible. Infertility issues almost double from 8-15% by the time the woman turns 35, but the likelihood of pregnancy only decreases from 63-52%. 


If you've waited till 35-40 to settle down, that's okay! You're wise and you know what you want and more importantly what you DON'T want in a romantic partner. It's very possible that this first marriage will be your only marriage so you can go all out at the ceremony, plus you probably have a solid career and savings in the bank to make it a dream wedding without working yourself into a financial hole. But if you want children, listen up. Infertility issues jump to over 30% at these ages and the chance of conceiving dips down to about 33% from 52% between ages 30-35. 


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Hey there, 40+! You waited and now you're ready. You're financially stable, you've done your traveling, gotten yourself a degree (or maybe a few), and you working hard and getting a solid paycheck. While you notice that the dating pool is slimmer, it includes a lot of people you probably never saw yourself dating - such as divorced or widowed men and single dads. But hey, these guys know what they want too! So you're set. You've lived a full and wonderful life so don't worry about thinking you're missing out on some great opportunities now that you're settling down. Finally, listen up. It's no secret that conceiving after 40 is rare and potentially bad for your health but if you're really passionate about having kids then call a professional. Plus, you have the money to help you out and the lifestyle stability to get you through the process! 


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